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Osmium Solutions Spain, SL.

OSMIUM is a cybersecurity company based in Spain and Italy, with the mission of safeguarding the aerospace industry's digital transformation…


Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of custom FPV Cinelifter drones for the cinematographic sector.

AL1 International Consulting Group

AL1 International Consulting Group is the exclusive Distributor in Spain of the GeoCassini platform, which is the only 100% accessible web platform in SaaS mode dedicated to storing, managing, operating, updating and sharing all its data that describes the space and its content. e-Cassini is a company created with the aim of simplifying the daily management of the public domain, facilitating the development of all types of plans (streets, PCRS, facades, networks, etc.), geolocated data and GIS data, thanks to the perspectives that new technologies offer. e-Cassini allows the synchronized exploitation of all types of 2D and 3D data, public (Open Data) or private, in particular 3D point clouds resulting from LIDAR captures or photogrammetric treatments. The platform also offers a wide range of digital twins and applications for data processing, “use case” applications and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.


Zerod is the first digital hub that directly connects companies with the best freelance ethical hackers in the world, also offering cybersecurity consulting services.


Showee is dedicated to the design and marketing of an innovative eco-intelligent shower. Their product revolutionizes the bathing experience by automating the process of rinsing, soaping, and drying. More than just a product, their shower is conceived to enhance the autonomy and privacy of individuals with special needs, while providing invaluable support to their respective caregivers. With a focus on innovation and comfort, Showee strives to provide intelligent solutions that not only transform the daily hygiene routine but also enhance the quality of life. Their eco-intelligent shower is the perfect combination of functionality and support, aimed at improving the daily lives of those who need it most.