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Strategic and technological consultancy that develops AI tools for companies and institutions and Blockchain developments.

Nazaries Intelligenia

We are a highly specialized team in Software Product services, from startup to evolution and globalization. More than 15 years…


ATMake is responsible of developing a revolutionary new technology of injection molding using its own patented technology AT-JECT. This new technology aims to provide a solution that can fill the gap between 3D printing and industrial injection in steel tooling. AT-JECT allows an in-house production of plastic, metal and ceramic parts in quantities up to 10.000 units in an optimised, eco-friendly & very little waste process based in Barcelona.

Grasshopper Air Mobility

Grasshopper Air Mobility specializes in autonomous deliveries of industrial cargo. Our approach is fundamentally different from other cargo drones, as our aim is to remove the human interaction entirely from the aerial logistics process. We are a seamless end-to-end logistics solution, holistically autonomous, electric and operating 24/7. Our international team with over 50+ years of combined industry experience consists of various engineers, operations specialists and business development, brining our cutting-edge technology into the supply chains all around the globe.

Attendo Online

Grup Iatsae is a Spanish software company that offers a Communications and Operations Hub. Its software, also called Attendo, is…

LTA Labs

LTA Labs is dedicated to creating an ecosystem of solutions aimed at enhancing financial freedom and self-sovereignty for individuals globally,…


Sisemed is a bioengineering company specializing in hospital electromedicine services and after-sales support in medical devices, both in hardware and…


Aimentia is a leading company providing emerging digital health solutions that leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve the…

Vunkers IT Experts

Vunkers IT Experts és una companyia tecnològica amb una àmplia oferta de serveis IT. Especialitzada en ciberseguretat, intel·ligència artificial, Big…


Polarimetrics is a company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of smart multispectral sensors.