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The services offered by DCA are structured in 6 strategic points:

Sectoral revitalization

Promoting the creation of business opportunities for technological companies.
Which are the objectives of the sectoral revitalization service?

  • Identify business opportunities and link them with the members of the communities
  • Disseminate advanced digital technologies within the aggregating agents of the technological demand (clusters, business associations, agencies, etc.)
  • Establish synergies between companies that offer technological products and services and agents that need them.
  • Accompany companies in the exploration and exploitation of new business opportunities.

Visibility and events

Promote participation in relevant events such as conferences and trade fairs.
Which are the objectives of the visibility and events service?

  • Offer support in the participation and visibility of DCA members in different multi-technology events.
  • Establish a point of contact between DCA members and sectors carrying out digitization processes.
  • Communicate success cases by DCA members in technological dissemination events.

Synergies and multi-technology

Stimulate cooperation between members of DCA communities through specific workspaces and communication channels.
Which are the objectives of the synergies and multi-technology service?

  • Promote cooperation between members of the different DCA communities to find synergies
  • Direct collaboration opportunities among different members.
  • Keep the members informed about DCA activities: announcements, newsletters, social networks, website, etc.
  • Publish an annual report about the yearly activities of the DCA and its communities.

Access to knowledge, technology and infrastructure

Promote collaboration between DCA communities, research centers and technological labs.
Which are the objectives of the access to knowledge, technology, and infrastructure service?

  • Open doors to laboratories, such as SmartCatalonia, The Thinx, BCN Drone Center, etc.
  • Identify new laboratories across the territory to test the technology at a local scale.
  • Publicise DCA members’ activities, as well as the needs of the different companies and sectors.
  • Write, disseminate and offer access to specialized reports about advanced digital technologies.

Access to funding sources

Offer support in the funding needs of DCA members.
Which are the objectives of the access to funding sources service?

  • Publicise funding opportunities among DCA members.
  • Ease the access of companies to funding sources and competitive projects.
  • Reinforce and create new relationships with incubators and accelerators to boost DCA startups.
  • Identify partners and sponsors to fund projects arising from brokerage events.
  • Disseminate funding opportunities through internal communication channels.

Strategic relationships

Connect the existing innovative ecosystem and reinforce the relationship among different agents.
Which are the objectives of the strategic relationships service?

  • Represent DCA members in front of the administration, clusters, and other organizations.
  • Promote relationships with other clusters and European hubs to detect opportunities and synergies.

Get to know everything the DCA offers

    Free Prèmium
Sectoral revitalization Technological dissemination activities Technological dissemination activities related to sectors carrying out digitalization processes
Matchmaking events B2B meetings connecting supply and demand to face current challenges  
ChallengeDCA Digital innovation contest for the transformation of the territory
Visibility and events Premium tickets for events Premium tickets to attend congresses and sectoral events  
Guided tours in congresses Guided tours in congresses to get to know companies’ services  
Digital Alliance Lunch Digital Alliance Lunch featuring a recognized expert on digital technologies  
Communication of success stories Dissemination of success stories led by DCA members through corporate communication channels  
Synergies and multitechnology Intra-community working group meetings Working group meetings for identifying collaboration opportunities  
DCA’s Annual Meeting DCA’s Annual Meeting, reviewing the year and providing a space for networking
TechMatch Event TechMatch Event, fostering technological transfer from research centers to DCA’s organizations
Access to knowledge, technology and infrastructure LabTour LabTour, identifying new opportunities and services Tech Labs can provide to DCA members
Guided tours to companies s Guided tours to visit DCA members and aggregating agents of the technological demand
Training courses Training courses and workshops for companies and public institutions on different advanced digital technologies  
Access to funding Training workshops on EU funding sources
Information sessions with business incubators and business accelerators Information sessions, connecting business incubators, business accelerators, and DCA start-ups
Networking events aimed to identify EU projects collectively Networking events, identifying all together EU projects  
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