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NewSpace represents a new economy based on the democratization of space and the aerospace industry thanks to the use of smaller satellites, which have lower cost and development time than conventional satellites. This paradigm shift allows many more actors to use them in vertical or transversal applications in various productive sectors. In the immediate future, the number of launches of these satellites is expected to increase and, as a result, significant growth is expected in the number and consolidation of the Catalan entities that are currently linked to NewSpace.

DCA-NewSpace is the Digital Catalonia Alliance community that integrates companies, research centers, administrations and other stakeholders that develop, integrate, implement and offer technological solutions in the field of NewSpace.

Being a member of the DCA has many advantages

Know in detail everything we can offer you

More business opportunities for technology companies

Participation and visibility in fairs and conferences in the technology sector

Synergies and access to workspaces with members from different communities

Access to knowledge, technology and infrastructures

Access to funding sources

Connection with the innovation ecosystem

Join one of the new communities (NewSpace, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity), and enjoy for free all the Premium services for the next two years


The NewSpace Community is one of the new DCA communities.

If you want to get in touch specifically with the DCA-NewSpace, you can send us a message via the following form:

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