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PersualDrone és una empresa especialitzada en inspeccions tècniques industrials i energies renovables fent servir la tecnologia més innovadora amb els…

Esolvo Global S.L.

Esolvo is an IT consultancy where we make service our passion by offering excellence, peace of mind, savings and continuous improvement to our clients by applying knowledge, methodology and technology.


Softeng is dedicated in digitization and cybersecurity solutions. We offer a secure digitalization of your company. We accompany our clients by maximizing the power of the cloud to drive digital innovation with security and intelligence.


Based in Barcelona and Neuchâtel (Switzerland), we help companies protect systems, assets and data against the main risks and vulnerabilities.


Technological reference in added value solutions. We specialize in the implementation of comprehensive technology solutions, we are experts in combining…

Ataraxia Security

Ataraxia Security is a consulting firm specializing in cyber defense processes and protocols and digital investigations. They promote rigorous research…

Drone OPS

We are a drone operator, focused on the audiovisual sector, both in stabilised images and also on FPV and action images. We also can provide other services like induistrial inspections or 3D capture.


Aistech Space is a space-tech company dedicated to providing space data and new value information generated from applications based on geospatial intelligence, with the aim of providing society with a new vision of the Planet and the changes that are taking place on its surface, so that it can contribute tackle critical threats to people and the environment, whether in the fight against climate change up to the protection of territories and critical areas of interest