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Draco Systems

Offers its knowledge and experience in the electronic development of new products


Són una empresa de desenvolupament de solucions en tecnologia blockchain.

Drones for Geology

Drones for Geology és una empresa de serveis de consultoria feta per geòlegs la qual utilitzen els drons com a…


IT consultant specialising in IT Infrastructure, Cloud, cybersecurity, training, software development and integrations and digital transformation.

INETUM Catalonia

It develops its own solutions and integrates products from the main manufacturers, as well as working on all kinds of technological implementation and consulting services.

Rethink 4 change

Ajuden les marques a innovar en reputació i experiència del client.


They help their clients transform themselves through consulting, industrial solutions, business process organisation, IT modernisation and managed services.

Zenithal Blue Technologies

Zenithal Blue technologies is a company that specialises in providing services for Earth observation satellites.