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SD Drones

Integrators of detection, identification and neutralization solutions for all types of drones. In addition, offering unmanned aerial vehicles for professional activities.

Grasshopper Air Mobility

Grasshopper Air Mobility specializes in autonomous deliveries of industrial cargo. Our approach is fundamentally different from other cargo drones, as our aim is to remove the human interaction entirely from the aerial logistics process. We are a seamless end-to-end logistics solution, holistically autonomous, electric and operating 24/7. Our international team with over 50+ years of combined industry experience consists of various engineers, operations specialists and business development, brining our cutting-edge technology into the supply chains all around the globe.


Polarimetrics is a company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of smart multispectral sensors.


Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of custom FPV Cinelifter drones for the cinematographic sector.


Cooperativa, consultora sense ànim de lucre, que busca facilitar la presa, gestió i difusió de dades en petites empreses i entitats. Implanten i difonen sistemes d'informació geogràfica en aquestes organitzacions, que no per ser petites han de pensar que elles no els poden utilitzar. Adapten el SIG i la presa de dades a cada cas i tipus de projecte, amb la finalitat d'obtenir un producte autogestionat per l'entitat. Busquen projectes col·laboratius i fomenten compartir recursos. Animen a usar i generar dades, a utilitzar-los i treure partit i ensenyament del seu històric. Estan molt implicats en la seva feina, veuen contínues aplicacions dels SIG al seu voltant i tenen coneixement de múltiples eines tecnològiques per al seu disseny.

Nabla Vision

Efficient 3D perception solutions for real-time robotics, tele-operation, autonomous navigation, security, environment monitoring, active mapping and infrastructure digitalization


Company dedicated to the inspection of infrastructures with drones.


Company specialized in technical services and data analysis with drones. Their activities are: inspection, mapping, digital twin, specific missions, integration, sale, and B2B/B2G training. Subsidiary of INSTADRONE GROUP and based in Barcelona. What set them apart? The use of drones with the most advanced technology in sensors and software. A NETWORK of highly experienced agencies and qualified professionals. Accurate and detailed data capture that allows their clients to make the best strategic decision for their businesses and projects.


PersualDrone és una empresa especialitzada en inspeccions tècniques industrials i energies renovables fent servir la tecnologia més innovadora amb els…


Professional drone company based in Barcelona, specialising in aerial filming and photography for marketing, commercial, communication and dissemination of the…