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Magnetika is a leading technology company specializing in wireless power transfer solutions. Founded in 2018, they have developed a breakthrough technology based on resonant magnetic coupling that allows for safe and efficient transfer of energy over short to large distances.

Their innovative wireless charging technology eliminates the need for alitraditional cables and plugs, providing a convenient and hassle-free charging experience. It is applicable to various industries, including electric vehicles, drones, IoT devices, and smart home technologies.

Magnetika’s patented technology, enables the transfer of significant amounts of power wirelessly, maintaining high efficiency even in the presence of misalignment and misorientation between the transmitter and receiver. This flexibility and adaptability make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

They offer tailored product development services, working closely with clients to integrate the wireless power transfer technology into their products. Additionally, they provide technology licensing options, allowing clients to incorporate our patented solutions into their own offerings.

Their mission is to transform the way energy is transferred and empower industries with safe, efficient, and wire-free power solutions. With Magnetika, you can unlock new possibilities for your devices, improve user experiences, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Collaboration in IoT Solution Development: Magnetika can collaborate with the IoT community to develop wireless power solutions for IoT devices. This includes integrating our technology into IoT systems to provide convenient and reliable power supply to connected devices.

Wireless Charging for Drones: Magnetika’s expertise in wireless power transfer can be applied to the Drone community by providing wireless charging solutions for drone batteries. This eliminates the need for manual battery replacement, enhancing the efficiency and usability of drone operations.

Research and Development Projects: Magnetika can participate in joint research and development projects with the IoT and Drone communities. This can involve exploring new wireless power technologies, improving energy efficiency, and addressing specific challenges faced by these industries.

Industry Events and Workshops: Magnetika can contribute to the IoT and Drone communities by organizing and participating in industry events, workshops, and conferences. This provides an opportunity to share knowledge, demonstrate our technology, and engage with industry professionals.


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