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Napptilus Battery Labs



Napptilus Battery Labs is developing new disruptive fast charging electric batteries that charge under 5 minutes with extended lifespan.

Engineered with a new type of hybrid nanomaterial electrode, they are easier to manufacture. Patented IP is developed by ICN2 in Barcelona.


Napptilus Battery Labs, with its innovative fast-charging electric batteries, can leverage IoT, drones, and engage with new space communities in several potential activities:

– Drone Power Solutions: Collaborate with drone manufacturers to create power solutions tailored specifically for drones. Napptilus batteries can offer lightweight and fast-charging options that provide extended flight times, enabling longer-range missions and improved efficiency for various drone applications, including aerial photography, delivery services, and surveillance.

– Spacecraft Power Systems: Explore collaborations with space agencies and private space companies to develop advanced power systems for satellites, space probes, and future manned missions. Napptilus batteries, with their fast-charging and long lifespan, can provide reliable and efficient power solutions for various space applications, reducing the reliance on traditional power sources.

– Energy Storage for Off-Grid Communities: Develop energy storage solutions that cater to off-grid communities, particularly in remote or underserved areas. By integrating Napptilus batteries with renewable energy sources like solar or wind, these communities can benefit from reliable and fast-charging energy storage, improving their access to electricity and promoting sustainable development.

– Battery Recycling and Sustainability: Establish a comprehensive battery recycling program to ensure responsible and sustainable disposal of Napptilus batteries at the end of their lifespan. Partner with recycling companies and organizations to develop efficient recycling processes and promote circular economy principles.


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