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Unmanned Life



Unmanned Life is a British company that has developed the leading software platform for the orchestration of autonomous robotics. It leverages AI, 5G, and Edge Computing to deploy air and ground robotics, powering applications for Enterprises and Industries.

Unmanned Life’s modular software platform is interoperable across hardware vendors and networks, scalable, and flexible in deployments. It has existing success stories in autonomous surveillance, emergency response, asset inspections, hybrid logistics, mapping, and more.


Our value proposition lies in our ability to orchestrate and control different type of robots and drones under one platform using our proprietary software, enabling us to serve multiple verticals with the same platform. This is possible due to three pillars:

1. Interoperability: the same software can be used to orchestrate and control different type of drones, robots and traditional automation. It is also interoperable between networks enabling the dynamic offloading of data to achieve the most efficient allocation of data sets to achieve the optimal performance of each use case.

2. Flexibility: the same software platform, with the same key capabilities and modules, can be used to deploy different type of use cases in different sectors and verticals, unlocking scalability and opportunities for exponential growth.

3. Openness: our platform is by design open to integrate to different type of systems, business information systems, UTMs, sensor and AI platforms, augmenting and enhancing the capabilities of each individual system.


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