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PICVISA Machine Vision Systems, S.L.U.

PICVISA is an innovative technology-based company that offers solutions based on robotics, artificial intelligence and machine vision to the national and international markets. We design, develop and produce selection and classification equipment for valuable materials. Our equipment can select and classify these materials by composition, shape and/or colour based on our own software. With innovation as our focus, we have expanded our offer by developing new products and adapting to new technologies. PICVISA offers to its clients optical sorting, robotics, artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions.

Mosaic Factor

SME specialised in data quality and AI. Large experience in mobility, logistics and automotive.


Biyiud is a technology platform that incentivizes the connection between sustainable production and consumption, making it easier for consumers to purchase products and services with a genuine positive impact, and helping sustainable brands to effectively attract and retain sustainability-conscious customers.


Nealia develops innovative products and solutions that increase efficiency in different processes in the food industry.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment

DeAPlaneta Entertainment is a leading company in its field worldwide. It is part of Grupo Planeta and De Agostini. It offers a wide selection of quality entertainment to all audiences, combining creativity with innovation.

Fiction Express Education S.L

Fiction Express is a literacy solution designed for the skill-based curriculum to enhance students' literacy skills in native and second languages, covering the four key aspects of language learning through a unique, co-creative methodology.

Kawaru Consulting S.L

Kawaru Consulting is a prominent firm in the digital transformation of organizations, offering diverse solutions to digitise and transform them.…

Sede Blockchain

Sede Blockchain is a leading technology development and innovation company. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate and thrive…


PersualDrone és una empresa especialitzada en inspeccions tècniques industrials i energies renovables fent servir la tecnologia més innovadora amb els…