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Boost innovation and growth in your company with their OlisTIC method, expanding your business’s capabilities and increasing profits to their maximum potential.
They are a business and technology consultancy with the mission of identifying opportunities for improvement and growth in all areas of business, implementing Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions for business and organizational excellence.


Business Process Consulting. Study of business processes for the identification of strategic improvements and opportunities for optimization and growth in all areas of the organization. Definition of strategic actions and implementation of technological solutions aligned with the needs and business development objectives.

Mentoring. Support for executive positions and/or teams in the adoption and integration of new technologies and the preparation of workplaces for their implementation.

Training. Development of training programs in the use of new technologies and their potential: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Space Computing, and/or Virtual Realities. Training in the development of human skills for efficient use of new technologies in the business.

Advisory. Guidance and expert advice on technological tools and suitable computer ecosystems for each business case.


Dalt, 36

Contact person

Sandra Arcos