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Biyiud is a technology platform that incentivizes the connection between sustainable production and consumption, making it easier for consumers to purchase products and services with a genuine positive impact, and helping sustainable brands to effectively attract and retain sustainability-conscious customers.


  • They convert the positive impact of market players into an EcoValue or digital asset of “sustainability value” (measured in BYDs points), register it on Blockchain to make it traceable, transparent and reliable, and enable its exchange in commercial transactions to accumulate it in a sustainability ranking that functions as an eco-reputational indicator for networks.
  • They connect sustainable production and consumption through the exchange of eco-reputation.
  • They empower the consumer in assessing the sustainability of companies.
  • They facilitate access to information on renewable electricity consumption for consumers and prosumers.
  • They facilitate the understanding of companies’ sustainability information through a single indicator calculated in real time.
  • They combat Greenwashing (false business sustainability), Greenpremium (high price of sustainable products), and facilitate customer acquisition and loyalty of sustainable businesses.
  • They help cities to encourage citizen participation in sustainable urban services.
  • They encourage people to participate in citizen science.


Empren UPC - Campus Nord UPC

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Manuel Villa