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They are a software company created more than 30 years ago, dedicated to creating data analytics tools that incorporate artificial intelligence algorithms always oriented towards the business world. At the heart of our expertise is data, and our product range addresses all facets of the data lifecycle. Through our data management solutions, companies consolidate their efforts and unlock value through streamlined management. In addition, built-in AI algorithms provide analytical insights that exceed human capabilities. On the other hand, our Business Intelligence products offer a comprehensive perspective of your operations, enhancing informed decision-making.


Our business focus since 2009 has been oriented towards Data Analytics (Business Intelligence, Orchestration Platform, Datahub, Data Mesh,…) and since 2018 towards Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing -NLP, Predictive, Speculative and Non Supervised)


Francesc Layret 75 Planta 2

Contact person

Jesús Serrano Garcia
93 5931106