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Juno Projects

IT and IA recruitment consultancy with a "women first" approach

Grupo Oesia

Grupo Oesía is a Spanish multinational dedicated to technological and digital engineering, developing and implementing projects in over 40 countries. It boasts 3,200 professionals across 18 corporate headquarters in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


STAR-Barcelona is a subsidiary owned by STAR-Dundee. The company's activity focuses on R&D, ASIC design, and IPs related to SpaceFibre,…


ATMake is responsible of developing a revolutionary new technology of injection molding using its own patented technology AT-JECT. This new technology aims to provide a solution that can fill the gap between 3D printing and industrial injection in steel tooling. AT-JECT allows an in-house production of plastic, metal and ceramic parts in quantities up to 10.000 units in an optimised, eco-friendly & very little waste process based in Barcelona.

Osmium Solutions Spain, SL.

OSMIUM is a cybersecurity company based in Spain and Italy, with the mission of safeguarding the aerospace industry's digital transformation…


Boutique consulting firm specialised in innovation and strategy in mobility.


Boost innovation and growth in your company with their OlisTIC method, expanding your business's capabilities and increasing profits to their maximum potential. They are a business and technology consultancy with the mission of identifying opportunities for improvement and growth in all areas of business, implementing Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions for business and organizational excellence.


Engineering and radio communications consulting, to accompany companies in the processing of spectrum usage authorizations (projects, certifications, procedures with the…

EMC Barcelona

EMC Barcelona is a technology-based company founded in May 2020. They focus on projects with high added value (R&D, tests and validations) in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).


Aistech Space is a space-tech company dedicated to providing space data and new value information generated from applications based on geospatial intelligence, with the aim of providing society with a new vision of the Planet and the changes that are taking place on its surface, so that it can contribute tackle critical threats to people and the environment, whether in the fight against climate change up to the protection of territories and critical areas of interest

Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature and life.