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It is a technology-driven organization that specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions for robust, safe, automated, and operator-less spacecraft operations.

Tracks CO2 Satellites

Uses satellite data and artificial intelligence to monitor forests lands that are part of CO2 offsetting projects.

Bee The Data

Bee the Data ofereix innovadores solucions de software en l'àmbit de la intel·ligència artificial i el machine learning. Desenvolupem algorismes propis com a empresa d'I+D que son referència en el mercat internacional.


VOTTUN és “el Wordpress per a la Web3”, una plataforma que inclou RestAPIs i templates (productes ready-to-use) que facilita a…

Albora Technologies S.L.

Develops next-generation high-accuracy geolocation solutions for industrial and mass-market applications.


Big Science software consultancy services and professional data compression technologies.


Global technology and consulting company and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers world-wide. I

UPC NanoSat Lab

The lab is focused on the exploration of innovative small spacecraft system concepts and developing and integrating subsystems and payloads for Earth Observation.

Draco Systems

Offers its knowledge and experience in the electronic development of new products


Satellogic is the first vertically integrated geospatial company. Satellogic designs, builds and operates its patented constellation of satellites with the ability to remap the entire planet with both high frequency and high resolution.

Azbil Telstar

Specialises in the development of engineering and construction projects, integrated process equipment and GMP consulting, including turnkey projects and critical installations.


Specialised in high-precision machining and the assembly of high-tech sub-assemblies, intended mainly for the aeronautics, space, robotics and biomedical sectors.