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Aistech Space is a space-tech company dedicated to providing space data and new value information generated from applications based on geospatial intelligence, with the aim of providing society with a new vision of the Planet and the changes that are taking place on its surface, so that it can contribute tackle critical threats to people and the environment, whether in the fight against climate change up to the protection of territories and critical areas of interest

Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature and life.

Napptilus Battery Labs

Napptilus Battery Labs is developing new disruptive fast charging electric batteries that charge under 5 minutes with extended lifespan. Engineered with a new type of hybrid nanomaterial electrode, they are easier to manufacture. Patented IP is developed by ICN2 in Barcelona.

Microwave Sensors and Electronics SL

MWSE - Microwave Sensors and Electronics is an engineering company that develops microwave senors for Earth observation and custom made radio-frequency electronics.


Products and services based on geospatial data, such as analytics, monitoring, prevention, simulations, etc.
Xiroi logo

Xiroi Aerospace

El seu objectiu principal desenvolupar i comercialitzar sistemes de micropropulsió per a satèl·lits petits, aerogeneradors sòlids i sistemes de tractament de materials.


They specialize in designing, developing, and commercializing technological solutions for the industrial sector, particularly in the blue economy, agriculture and livestock, and energy.

Vanture ESS, SL

Ciberseguretat adaptada a serveis IT, consultoria IT, SAP, Serveis Gestionats, Data, Digitalització, Estratègia IT, Transformació, TIC, Cloud, Outsourcing, Odoo, Bodyshoping, Gestió de projectes, ITIL, Models de gestió, Comunicació i màrqueting i PMO.


Development and fabrication of optical and optronic systems for NewSpace and Drones

SLIMOp Space, S.L.

Technology-based company, R+D+i, recently created in Barcelona in the framework of the New Space Economy.


It is a technology-driven organization that specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions for robust, safe, automated, and operator-less spacecraft operations.

Tracks CO2 Satellites

Uses satellite data and artificial intelligence to monitor forests lands that are part of CO2 offsetting projects.