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Copernicus Contributing Mission – HYDRA Constellation



Temperature is a unique data source that is key to understanding activity and changes on Earth. Just like a fever can warn us that a person is sick before other symptoms arise, understanding thermal changes across the Earth can alert us to risks, and give us the unique information we need to mitigate them For example, temperature is closely linked to the presence of water, so it can be used to manage water within the territory. Additionally, since the temperature warns us of the presence of fire, this data can be used for the management of forest fires, both for prevention and for their extinction. But to be able to use this source in the operational field, it is important that the characteristics of the data with respect to the spatial and temporal resolution are aligned with the application. Currently, it is possible to find high spatial resolution data, but it is only available every 15 days. For example, if a firefighter needs to detect, find and put out a fire, they can’t wait for the data to be available in 10 days – they need it immediately. In addition, it is necessary to know where the fire is located with a resolution good enough to be able to plan and act precisely. Currently, there is no system capable of monitoring the Earth’s surface with high resolution with a frequency greater than one day, and this is where Aistech is providing a solution.


The aim of the project is to implement a system for the monitoring of these temperature changes on Earth and to provide operational tools to be able to decide and act based on this information. This will allow to better understand the past, monitor the present, and predict the future.

Technology Solution

The solution developed by Aistech is based on a constellation of satellites with an Earth observation system based on high-resolution thermal imaging and a bidirectional IoT-M2M communication system. Aistech’s thermal-enabled satellite imagery capabilities and IoT-M2M system can combine into a powerful, global-scale asset monitoring and management system with more accurate, near real time information to drive better decisions

Business Model

The business model is based on the provision of data on demand, adapted to specific needs and situations for both, public and private, represents the structural line of the revenue source, either by providing them directly to the end user or by placing them through a network of commercial and technological partners.


Aistech has been selected by ESA to join Copernicus Contributing Missions program as a thermal data supplier, being considered one of the most relevant emerging European New Space companies.

Current status

Aistech is working on developing the second iteration of the Earth observation system to generate high resolution thermal data from space, significantly improving the capabilities of the first version. At the same time, the second version of the communication system is being developed for bidirectional communication (Earth – satellite & satellite – Earth). Likewise, Aistech is working on a geospatial intelligence system, based on its own data obtained from the constellation of satellites providing information to fight climate change, for the global management of water resources, the prediction and management of forest fires and ensuring food security. In parallel, the launch of the next satellites are being prepared for next year, 2024, including the launch of the evolution of the Earth observation system.

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