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Aistech Space is a space-tech company dedicated to providing space data and new value information generated from applications based on geospatial intelligence, with the aim of providing society with a new vision of the Planet and the changes that are taking place on its surface, so that it can contribute tackle critical threats to people and the environment, whether in the fight against climate change up to the protection of territories and critical areas of interest Aistech uses geospatial intelligence to understand the past, monitor the present and predict the future, with the mission that the information generated from space contributes to improving decision-making processes. Aistech focuses its efforts on the development of space technology that allows to capture and make available to different segments of users and stakeholders data obtained from space through its own constellation of satellites.


Aistech has developed its own space infrastructure based on small satellites that for the first time integrates an Earth observation system based on high-resolution, high-frequency and on-demand thermal imaging with a bi-directional communication system intended for IoT & M2M applications, with the ability to provide global coverage.


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Copernicus Contributing Mission – HYDRA Constellation


The aim of the project is to implement a system for the monitoring of these temperature changes on Earth and to provide operational tools to be able to decide and act based on this information