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VASS Company



VASS is a global company that covers the end-to-end of the consulting services value chain to support its customers in their digital transformation

The company focuses on simplifying the complexity of the technological and digital challenges of organizations, especially in sectors such as banking, the public sector, industries, insurance and telecommunications.

Their goal is to promote digitalisation plans in a strategic and innovative way, guiding innovation towards concrete results.


Costumer experience:
They improve and optimize the customer experience throughout the Customer journey, through the use of digital platforms and the use of customer data to personalize and optimize any interaction.

Date AI:
They help organizations to make the most of the data, with the aim that it allows them to describe, define and build better products and strategies. They implement automation of business processes through the application of AI improving the operational efficiency of companies.

They support organizations in transforming their architectures to make them more scalable, more flexible and secure, through the design and implementation of digital architectures in the cloud with an end-to-end approach.

Business automation:
They implement business solutions for the optimization and automation of business processes that improve the efficiency and profitability of organizations.

They protect the assets of the threat company by identifying, preventing and responding to security incidents, through the implementation and use of the most innovative market security solutions.

Software engineering:
They design, implement and maintain digital software products to meet business needs, through the use of agile methodologies, best programming practices and the most innovative technologies.


C/ Pallars 193-205

Contact person

Carlos Gironella Guzman