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Triskel Security specializes in elevating its customers cyber resiliance through multiple services including security audits, red team exercises, advisory and customized trainings.


– SECURITY AUDITS Security audits are systematic evaluations of an organization’s security infrastructure, policies, and procedures to identify vulnerabilities, assess compliance with regulatory requirements, and ensure adherence to best practices. Conducted by experienced cybersecurity professionals, security audits encompass various assessments such as source code reviews, penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and infrastructure evaluations. By analyzing technical controls, access management protocols, and security configurations, audits provide insights into potential weaknesses and areas for improvement within an organization’s cybersecurity posture. These assessments not only help in mitigating existing risks but also in proactively enhancing security measures to safeguard against evolving threats. Moreover, security audits play a crucial role in maintaining regulatory compliance, bolstering stakeholder confidence, and demonstrating a commitment to robust cybersecurity practices.


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