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Geospatial Intelligence & Urban Computing Lab.
We combine disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, ML, Space, AR/VR/MR or Computer Vision, to create innovative tools, focused on the Smart Cities-Regions sector -mainly citizen safety and mobility, Disaster Risk Prevention, Management and Monitoring of Natural Resources, Extreme Sports (ski resorts) or museology and exhibitions.
Our main product-service is the HAToM Geospatial Data Visualization Platform, an immersive and interactive 3D all-in-one platform that changes the way geospatial data is processed and displayed.
Alumni of the European Space Agency BIC-Barcelona (2015), in our first phase (Tinkerers). We have participated in several European projects, such as the 100 Intelligence City Challenge, obtained the Seal of Excellence for Innovation by the European Commission, as well as the Copernicus Prize Catalunya or the Gold Medal for Innovation, among other awards.


Products and services based on geospatial data, such as analytics, monitoring, prevention, simulations, etc. for which we mainly use Earth Observation data from Space, such as Copernicus products, as well as emergency services, such as those provided by the Galileo satellite constellation and deeptech technologies.


Avenida Diagonal, 590, 2n 2a, 08021 Barcelona

Contact person

Milena Orlandini