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Showee is dedicated to the design and marketing of an innovative eco-intelligent shower. Their product revolutionizes the bathing experience by automating the process of rinsing, soaping, and drying. More than just a product, their shower is conceived to enhance the autonomy and privacy of individuals with special needs, while providing invaluable support to their respective caregivers.

With a focus on innovation and comfort, Showee strives to provide intelligent solutions that not only transform the daily hygiene routine but also enhance the quality of life. Their eco-intelligent shower is the perfect combination of functionality and support, aimed at improving the daily lives of those who need it most.


The Showee smart showers represents a notable innovation within the household devices industry. They incorporate cutting-edge technologies meticulously designed to enhance the quality of personal hygiene, particularly for individuals with functional diversity, and to facilitate shower assistance for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and family members.

Their smart shower integrates advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enabling intelligent connectivity and efficient management across the IoT network. This infrastructure enables us to offer:

  • Customized shower cycles: An automated process encompassing rinsing, soaping, and drying.
  • Remote control: Capability to initiate, stop, or schedule shower cycles from a mobile application. Additionally, the shower can be controlled via voice commands.
  • Diagnostics and maintenance: Self-diagnostic capabilities to detect issues and, in some cases, send alerts to users or technical services.
  • Energy efficiency: Optimization of shower programs to achieve water savings exceeding 50%.
  • Data analysis: Collection of usage data to enhance efficiency, durability, and performance of the showers.

Furthermore, our solution has already been successfully implemented in residences and hospitals.


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Alejandro Castro Loaiza