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Sateliot is the first Telecommunications Operator to provide full IoT (Internet of Things) coverage to mobile operators to the Nb-IoT (4G/5G) standard, offering them a roaming service for their customers.


It is based on a LEO (low-orbit) constellation of nano-satellites, which function as telecommunications towers from space to which terrestrial IoT devices will link when no conventional telecommunications towers are available.


It allows one to take advantage of economies of scale by reducing end costs, and making it possible to extend the services of the Internet of Things globally and massively with 5G coverage, to the 90% of the Earth that does not have mobile coverage.


Its first nano-satellite was launched from the Baikonur Space Station, Kazakhstan, on 22 March 2021, and was the first in its constellation of more than 100 satellites to be launched in the years to come.


An active member of the 3GPP, the collaborative institution that regularly brings together the main players in the sector to define the different communication standards, Sateliot has achieved the inclusion in the definition of the 5G standard of a scenario in which the LEO nano-satellite networks is envisaged to provide IoT Services, and leads this proposal with the support of space and telecommunications giants, to the point that this scenario is now known as “scenario 4″ or the”Sateliot scenario”.


Sateliot provides IoT connectivity services through its constellation of nano-satellites. Therefore, synergies with the whole community are evident; it formally belongs to the Newspace community, and it has a total and absolute relationship with the IoT community.


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Glòria Garcia Capdevila