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RDI Network



RDI network is an engineering company founded in Barcelona (Spain) in January 2020 with the mission of accompanying its customers on their journey through the new space economy, witnessing the convergence of space, internet and security. The RDI network is active in diverse but complementary areas, especially those related to the space industry, especially cybersecurity engineering, design and implementation of secure systems and space networks.


Key RDI network activities:

  • Cybersecurity Engineering for Space Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) of Complex Space Systems
  • Specification of security requirements to meet the cybersecurity objectives of the programme
  • Vulnerability analysis to find security vulnerabilities of spacecraft or ground systems
  • Penetration testing of specific components (or entire small satellite vehicle systems)
  • Design and implementation of secure systems (Safe boot and OTA updates) for security throughout the life of the system
  • Security measures for space-to-ground and space-to-space communication protocols
  • Fully customised and secure Linux distribution for small satellites
  • Real-time hardening OS)
  • Spatial networks (R&D of network technologies in restricted environments
  • Requirements and design specification for operations and communications protocols both inside and among space vehicles
  • Development of software and support tools for satellite networking protocols and algorithms
  • Simulation, emulation and prototyping of space networks and assessment of their performance)

Contact person

Juan José Grosso