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Numentech was born in 2018 to bring to the market products and solutions that guarantee full security at any time, in any environment in addition to safeguard the full operability of small & medium business. To reduce the cybersecurity vulnerability, we work from a holistic and resilient perspective. The integrated mix of products and services developed by Numentech, covers all levels that make up the ITC dynamic ecosystem: people, policies, organization culture and technology. Numentech is the ideal partner for the verification, design, and implementation of global cybersecurity into corporate or domestic frameworks. Our team is our mainstay. We are focused on creating continued opportunities to see our team develop and grow professionally, including them in I+D project to develop new cybersecurity solutions.


1. Development of Numen Box A network protection solution that, combining NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) and Blockchain technologies, ensures the collection of evidence with legal value in case of an cyberattack.
Designed with the needs of small and medium-sized companies in mind, thanks to a Plug&Play system and a simple installation it will guarantee the total operability and protection of our network, does not require advanced technical skills.

2. Development of risk mitigation and awareness campaigns for SMEs in the field of cybersecurity in collaboration with different partners.


Carrer Aribau 112, 4-1, 08036, Barcelona

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Mauro Ponzè