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Modden Tech, S.L.

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Modden’s business model is based on creating its own ecosystem; a hosting platform, an exchange and a forum specialized in cryptocurrencies. The company’s objective is to make available to its clients all the necessary elements to be able to manage their investments, accompanying them throughout the process and offering a personalized service. The team aims to generate a bond of trust and security with users, with the company’s forum being the central axis to meet these objectives.


Specialized in PoS
Modden has developed its own PoS blockchain where MDDN, considered as a utility token, is the project’s own crypto.

Hosting Platform
This service is aimed at investors who do not have the necessary resources to manage their own VPS. Modden intends to offer the option to host masternodes and enable VPS servers where users can create their wallet and enable the staking feature seamlessly.

Modden presents a Centralized Exchange (CEX) project. Our intention is to manage an Exchange fully aligned with current regulations, committing to focus efforts on ensuring due compliance with it.

The team seeks to create collective knowledge and for the forum to be a point of union between investors that helps the project reach an increasing degree of popularization.

We offer more than 3,000 electronic products, the most relevant being computer ones. Computers, graphics cards, processors, smartphones, TV, and much more at your disposal.

Our goal is to get our users to have a deep knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies and the existing technology behind it. Our methodology, close and for all levels, facilitates learning also thanks to all the didactic content and live classes with our expert teaching staff.

Blockchain Technology
Modden’s Blockchain technology guarantees the security, privacy and decentralization of all our services. Thanks to the constant updating and improvement of our network, we can offer the best services for our community.


C. de Viladomat, 239, 08029, Barcelona

Contact person

Lluís Cuadrado Crespo