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Libelium was founded in Zaragoza in 2006, and is dedicated to the design of smart IoT solutions in three main vertical markets: Sustainability, Smart Cities & Infrastructure and Agrifood. Libelium markets its IoT solutions worldwide, and in particular Central and North America and Europe. Libelium has been recognized by numerous awards throughout its history. After its first business acquisition, Libelium has a team of more than 80 highly qualified staff.
The key to Libelium’s growth is the interoperability of its IoT platform. This fact has allowed Libelium to involve many companies in a large ecosystem of partners and distributors.
In addition, there is a community of +10,000 developers from the world’s largest companies that have developed IoT projects in +120 countries with Libelium technology.


  • Complete IoT solutions for cities, agrifood and sustanability. Libelium, offers products that transform sensor data into valuable information for any business. With their technology, you can gain a deeper understanding of your data and make more informed decisions.
  • Expert consultancy. Libelium has extensive knowledge of the IoT sector and are committed to improving performance in agriculture, water management, industrial competitiveness, and the design of smarter, more livable cities. With their help, you can identify opportunities for improvement in your business and implement efficient solutions to increase your effectiveness.
  • Customized IoT projects. Libelium solutions can be adapted to the specific needs of any IoT project. With their technology, you can efficiently and accurately collect and analyze data from your business. They are committed to providing tailored solutions that help you achieve your business goals.


C/María Zambrano, 31 WTC - Torre Este Planta 7 - Oficinas. 50018 Zaragoza
976 54 74 92

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Cristina Albesa
976 54 74 92