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Itequia is a company specialized in developing innovative digital solutions. With over 15 years of experience, it serves large organizations and multinational companies across various sectors, providing advanced technological solutions.

Our main service lines are as follows:

Innovation and Custom Software: We offer personalized solutions for digital transformation, user experience design, and custom software development. Additionally, we implement DevOps techniques and provide creative design services.

Artificial Intelligence and Data: We develop customized applications using artificial intelligence, tailoring AI solutions to your specific needs. We also handle data consolidation and engineering.

Microsoft Solutions: As experts in Microsoft technologies, we assist with adoption and migration to Microsoft 365, document management using SharePoint, enterprise intranets, and no-code applications with Power Apps. We automate processes and offer personalized training on Microsoft products.


At Itequia, we are committed to providing effective and appealing technological solutions that drive digital transformation and organizational growth.

Internet of Things (IoT):
We develop customized solutions that integrate IoT devices for real-time data collection and analysis.
Our applications and platforms enable efficient management of connected infrastructures and devices.

We offer personalized security solutions for businesses and organizations.
Our team implements advanced threat detection techniques and proactive prevention measures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
We create customized applications that leverage AI for decision-making, data analysis, and process improvement.
Our expertise includes implementing machine learning models and natural language processing.


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