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Company specialized in technical services and data analysis with drones. Their activities are: inspection, mapping, digital twin, specific missions, integration, sale, and B2B/B2G training.

Subsidiary of INSTADRONE GROUP and based in Barcelona.

What set them apart?

  • The use of drones with the most advanced technology in sensors and software.

  • A NETWORK of highly experienced agencies and qualified professionals.

  • Accurate and detailed data capture that allows their clients to make the best strategic decision for their businesses and projects.


They base their model on 3 main activities:

1. Technical services: Based on the capture and processing of data for:

  • INSPECTION (Indoor, monitoring, thickness measurement, leak detection, etc.).
  • CARTOGRAPHY (LiDAR, mapping, photogrammetry, bathymetry, survey, gas map, etc.)
  • DIGITAL TWIN (Indoor, Outdoor, 3D, plans, etc.).
  • SPECIFIC (according to the needs of each sector.

2. Sale, distribution and integration of technology: It contains Instadrone’s innovative projects. They position themselves as a privileged strategic partner to catalyze the integration of drones in a company’s facilities.

3. Training: Dedicated exclusively to professionals (B2B/B2G) who want to learn about the use of drone technology and the acquisition of specific skills (topography, inspection, LiDAR, etc.).

At Instadrone they have created a methodology for the trades of the future


Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, BV-1274, km1

Contact person

Jordi Monserrat Larroche
699 64 84 13