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Inkan is a platform that combines cybersecurity and web3 to create workflows based on verified and trusted images, reducing costs, preventing fraud and raising transparency standards primarily in the TIC, insurance and news sectors.


Inkan delivers its technology through a turnkey platform and API for integrations with customers’ current systems and workflows, creating secure channels for images, their metadata and traceability information.
Inkan’s camera redefines the expression “capturing the moment”, associating the images it produces with the exact place, time, device and user. Thanks to blockchain technology and cyber security, data is protected and sealed by anti-tampering layers. Anyone can easily check the authenticity and source information of an image, knowing for sure if it has been modified in any way.
Every piece of content created with Inkan’s platform has its own authenticity link, where all traceability and certification data lives. With it you can easily interact with customers, suppliers and partners, and distribute your trusted images and provenance information.
With Inkan Cloud our customers can manage content and authenticity links, certify documentation, create inspection tasks and assign them to users inside and outside the organization, among other attributes.


Plaça de Pau Vila 1, Bloc A, Planta 3, Porta 3A, 08003, Barcelona

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Mauro Achille