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It is a technology consultancy with nearly 30 years of experience that seeks to accompany companies on their way to digital transformation, developing and implementing solutions and methodologies adapted to each of our clients. They define themselves as a consolidated company, but with an agile attitude and entrepreneurial vision, focusing on what really brings value to their clients and doing away with what is superfluous.
Their goal is to achieve a more connected world, putting technology at the service of society. That’s why they make technology, made by people and for people because they know that being a technology company is not the same as being a company of people who develop technology.


At IN2, they develop multiple services and solutions, always aimed at obtaining results that bring us closer to a 5.0 society; where technology is at the service of people. Following this line, they create identity solutions and digital certificates based on Blockchain. One of the most outstanding projects is the participation in the development of the COVID EU certificate in Catalonia.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, they specialise in Microsoft’s AI services, as well as in integrating them into organisations’ own systems. In addition, they are recently involved in AI algorithm auditing projects; verifying the ethics and ensuring that any type of discrimination is not applied.


C/Travessera de Gràcia 73 Àtic, 08006, Barcelona

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Naiara Suances