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Founded in 1989, GTD Sistemas de Información is a global technology company engaged in the design, integration and operation of highly complex critical information applications and systems. The group currently serves a wide portfolio of customers in 15 countries around the world.

From its offices in Spain (the city of Barcelona being the location of the main headquarters), France, Germany, the United Kingdom and French Guiana, GTD brings together the combined experience in areas including the development of systems and technological solutions, support for operations or different independent product warranty services. The solutions provided by the company cover the entire project life cycle: planning and analysis, design, development, integration, test bench, maintenance and support, ensuring that critical customer systems and processes include reliable software in accordance with the high-level demands posed by the European space sector.


Since 1992, GTD’s space management has developed computer engineering activities for the space segment, mainly within the framework of the European space sector. This department has more than 100 engineers and is the largest unit within the business group. As a result, space management offers a wide range of engineering solutions, from design, development, integration, testing, validation and incorporation of complex systems, to complete solutions that cover all the operational requirements of the system in question.

The three main branches of action in the space sector are defined below.

Earth Segment

  • Complex systems in real time
  • Design and development of tailor-made – and integrated – solutions for control centres (both launchers and satellites)
  • Scientific data centres and applications
  • Earth and universe observation data processing centres and applications
  • Launcher measurement and trajectory control systems
  • Applications related to the management of scientific infrastructures (CTA, SKA, ESO ALMA, etc.)

Onboard Segment

  • Embedded software development for launchers and satellites
  • Rocket avionics studies
  • Development of embedded software for satellites, instruments, position control systems and instruments
  • Software development with artificial intelligence (AI) systems for spacecraft
  • Independent verification and validation services for critical space applications


  • GTD is responsible for the maintenance and operations support services of all operational computer systems established at the Guyana Space Centre (CSG), in Kourou (French Guiana).


Passeig de Garcia Fària, 17, 08005, Barcelona

Contact person

Ricardo Bennassar Ordinas
+34 934 939 300