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At ChatuTech we offer engineering and technology consulting services in the fields of telecommunications, electronics and embedded computing solutions. We develop our own products and tailor-made projects to provide the most demanding customers with advanced technological solutions.


At ChatuTech we have developed two solutions in the field of IoT. Firstly, the product CHAtU (Charge and take with you), a mini portable server with WLAN creation for document management among nearby users. It allows you to be interconnected in a network and be able to provide interconnectivity between service providers and customers through wireless access.

In addition, we have several sensors. For example, in the case of the construction sector, we work with sensors to obtain the strength of concrete or to measure temperature and humidity in buildings, with the unique feature that the sensor is embedded in the structure. ]In this way, efficient management of energy consumption in the climate is possible.


C/Albinyana 109, 08223 Terrassa
646 037 246

Contact person

Ignasi Cairó
646 037 246