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CATUAV, established in 2000, is one of Europe’s pioneering civil drone companies. With over 20 years of experience in the UAS sector, we offer comprehensive one-stop-shop consultancy and engineering support services to their clients. CATUAV is the proud owner and manager of BCN Drone Center, one of the world’s first
dedicated UAS test sites. This strategic investment enables us to provide a holistic approach to UAS development and testing.


While CATUAV initially began as a drone manufacturer (2000-2006) and later transitioned into an aerial service company utilizing proprietary technology (2007-2014), the inauguration of BCN Drone Center marked a pivotal moment in our strategy. Today, our only focus lies in providing consultancy support services to all UAS stakeholders thourgh BCN Drone Center, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and experience to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and successful market deployment.


Camí de l’Espinoi. 08180, Moià, Barcelona, Espanya
93 103 60 34

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