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BLOOCK is a deep-tech startup specializing in providing blockchain solutions for cross-industry applications. Building on top of Ethereum and other permissionless blockchains, we address provenance and identity projects such as Insurance data security, logistics data traceability, retail product origin, digital signature, voting credentials, document forgery prevention and more.


BLOOCK’s main objective is to provide its clients with maximum security and protection in information transfer processes, in which there is no trust between the parties, using Blockchain technology for this purpose.

This is a state-of-the-art technology, just over 10 years old, but which has already amply demonstrated its potential. Our vision is that Blockchain, by its own properties, is the ideal tool to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of data and information of companies, allowing to fight against fraud, giving traceability to products and food and offering a new source of trust based on technology.

Despite this, both the difficulty of developing a Blockchain project from scratch and the misperception of the technology means that it has not yet begun to be implemented to its full potential.

To overcome this, BLOOCK has developed a new solution that allows the use of Blockchain eliminating all previous complexities and at a competitive cost. In this way, BLOOCK offers Blockchain as a Software as a Service, an innovative service that can be applied to virtually all industries that require it, and most importantly, that provides value and solves real problems with direct impact on all of them.


Carrer de Sant Medir, 15, 08172, Sant Cugat del Vallès

Contact person

Lluís Llibre Codina
609 304 584