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BCN Drone Center



BCN Drone Center is a UAS test site with segregated airspace, airfield and all necessary facilities to advance this technology. Located in a favourable Mediterranean weather area, BCN Drone Center provides the ideal environment for UAS development and testing.


With more than 20 years of experience in UAS sector, we offer comprehensive services for deploying any UAS project or idea to the market. From initial conception to final commercial implementation, our services encompass feasibility/viability studies, R&D projects, technological + regulatory + market consultancy, regulatory compliance, training, and the full testing + evaluation + certification pipeline.

Some of our keypoints:

  • Official Segregated Airspace of 50Km2 & 5,000ft ASL
  • Bioclimatic building equipped with ground control station, workshop, office, meeting room and hangar.
  • Drone Hub. It gathers distinguished international professionals from different fields
    of expertise to share their knowledge in practical and hands-on courses.
  • Users from 100+ nationalities have benefit from our services
  • Working with drones since before the word ‘drone’ existed


Camí de l’Espinoi s/n, 08180, Moià, Barcelona, Spain

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