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Autonomous University of Barcelona



Autonomous University of Barcelona – CORE of Smart and Sustainable Cities/Autonomous University of Barcelona – Office of International Research Projects (OPIR).


Our activity in the IoT world is:

  • CORE (Strategic Research Community) of Smart and Sustainable Cities.
  • Office of International Research Projects (contact within the OPIR: Alejandra Campos | [email protected]):
  • Participation and advice in Horizon 2020 calls and other international funds.
  • UAB Smart Campus Living Lab/sphere UAB-CEI/B30.

RDI activities in:

  • Location (User/WSN node, Pedestrian/Vehicle, Indoor/Outdoor, GNSS/Radio/Inertial Sensors, signal
  • processing).
  • Big Data and simulations with big data environments, Cloud/Fog, Real Time Analytics, soft machine learning, AI simulations.
  • Transport and logistics: ITS, Trajectory-Based Operations, Decision Support Tool.
  • BiB (Bioinformatic cluster)
  • RFID/NFC/BLE technologies.
  • WSN Hardware/Software Solutions (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Sigfox, LoRa, ad-hoc).
  • Environmental analytics (Water/air/solids).
  • Embedded & Ultra Low-Power Platforms, Zero power, Performance.
  • Wearable & Printed Electronics.
  • Incubator (UAB Research Park).


Carrer de les Sitges s/n 08193 - Bellatera
935 868 245

Contact person

Konstantinos Kourkoutas
935 868 245