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Desico is a company focused on offering complete IoT solutions for third parties. Offering custom software focused on the IoT, with the Cloud platform developed so that the client can manage the activity of his company. They also have a wide range of standard products specialized in Smart Buildings projects and the possibility of manufacturing custom IoT devices for their customers.

Pegasi Gestió S.L.

Pegasi Gestió specializes in business process consulting, providing a unique perspective and expertise to enhance the efficiency of business processes while making them more user-friendly for technology users.


Nealia develops innovative products and solutions that increase efficiency in different processes in the food industry.

Kawaru Consulting S.L

Kawaru Consulting is a prominent firm in the digital transformation of organizations, offering diverse solutions to digitise and transform them.…


PersualDrone és una empresa especialitzada en inspeccions tècniques industrials i energies renovables fent servir la tecnologia més innovadora amb els…

Sterna Innovation

Sterna Innovation ofereix serveis d'enginyeria a la indústria de dispositius mèdics des del 2014.

Bullhost Cloud Services

Spanish company specialized in providing convergent and comprehensive cybersecurity, business continuity, cloud and advanced systems services for companies.

Teldat S.A.

Designs and develops its solutions with the most innovative and sophisticated technologies such as network virtualization, artificial intelligence, Federated Learning, 5G or DLT.


Dominion Global is an international company providing 360 Projects and Sustainable Services, with a workforce of more than 12,500 people and more than 1,000 clients in 35 countries.

Napptilus Battery Labs

Napptilus Battery Labs is developing new disruptive fast charging electric batteries that charge under 5 minutes with extended lifespan. Engineered with a new type of hybrid nanomaterial electrode, they are easier to manufacture. Patented IP is developed by ICN2 in Barcelona.


Magnetika is a leading technology company specializing in wireless power transfer solutions. Founded in 2018, they have developed a breakthrough…

The Predictive Company

The Predictive Company

It offers a SaaS solution for energy optimization and predictive maintenance based on Artificial Intelligence.