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Osmium Solutions Spain, SL.

OSMIUM is a cybersecurity company based in Spain and Italy, with the mission of safeguarding the aerospace industry's digital transformation…


Zerod is the first digital hub that directly connects companies with the best freelance ethical hackers in the world, also offering cybersecurity consulting services.


Boutique consulting firm specialised in innovation and strategy in mobility.

Asperis Security

Asperis Security es dedica a la ciberseguretat, especialitzant-se en pentesting i monitoratge d'infraestructures. Amb un enfocament en la seguretat proactiva, treballen per garantir que les infraestructures dels seus clients estiguin segures davant qualsevol tipus d'atac, proporcionant així tranquil·litat i protecció a les empreses.

FAMA Systems

Technological platform for comprehensive asset and infrastructure management, aimed at optimizing businesses and public administrations. The first Spanish solution in CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) software, serving Facility Management and Facility Services, constantly evolving to meet new market demands (Smart building, Management of safe workspaces, Sustainability, OSH, CAE, Smart city). Aspects such as a complete and quality technological offering, extensive experience, strength, and know-how, with over 25 years in the market, along with a high degree of innovation and commitment to our clients, have made us the technological partner of significant organizations and public entities. In March 2021, Fama Systems integrates into the technology company Cuatroochenta, a leading company in the design, development, and implementation of cloud solutions and cybersecurity oriented towards improving the performance and results of organizations. As a result of the operation, Fama Systems becomes the FAMA product unit within the Cuatroochenta group, positioning Cuatroochenta as a leader in software for the facility management & services sector, as well as for comprehensive asset and infrastructure management by joining forces with CheckingPlan applications, oriented towards facility services. Likewise, thanks to the integration of new resources, capabilities, and talent, FAMA evolves with the aim of offering much more powerful and global technological solutions, reinforcing competitiveness and increasing the value proposition.

Esolvo Global S.L.

Esolvo is an IT consultancy where they make service their passion by offering excellence, peace of mind, savings and continuous improvement to their clients by applying knowledge, methodology and technology.

Axelia Digital S.L.

Axelia Digital is a young startup that offers cybersecurity services focused on providing solutions for both SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and startups. These solutions are tailored to the capabilities, needs and budgets of small and medium-sized businesses, which is their main competitive advantage. The goal is to protect the most important assets of the clients, making their company a safer working environment.

Joan Ball-llosera

Joan Ball-llosera is an IT consultant with more than 25 years of experience in IT solutions for the enterprise, focused in helping and reviewing companies' computer networks in order to check whether they fulfil a minimum degree of data security against IT Attacks or disaster events, designing business resuming plans for the company.

Muscope Cybersecurity

Muscope Cybersecurity Srl is a company specialized in cybersecurity, founded in December 2021 by four partners with over twenty years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and network infrastructure. Muscope's mission is to develop cutting-edge technological tools that enable organizations of all sizes to understand and effectively manage their cybersecurity risks coming from the exposure of external facing digital assets.

Kawaru Consulting S.L

Kawaru Consulting is a prominent firm in the digital transformation of organizations, offering diverse solutions to digitise and transform them.…

Sede Blockchain

Sede Blockchain is a leading technology development and innovation company. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate and thrive…


PlanetB 21 is a company dedicated to provide professional Blockchain services both in the technological and financial sectors, as well…