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Digitization and optimization of e-commerce distribution processes, hostelry and stores



Offer digital tools that allow the improvement of internal processes.


The planning of e-commerce distribution routes and to the store and the tracking of deliveries through a mobile application.
Also improve the preparation of orders and give visibility to your salespeople in real time of the status of the orders.

Technology Solution

Hedyla implemented its dynamic route planning and real-time delivery tracking system including a small custom development to organize orders on pallets and simplify vehicle loading. In the case of pallets, the system tells Vila Viniteca in which order the pallets should be loaded into the vans so that it is the most optimal.

Business Model

The business model we have with Vila Viniteca is the sale of SaaS on a monthly basis.


The deployment of the Hedyla platform has made it possible to drastically reduce the time spent on route planning, which is now generated automatically.
In addition, all information has been centralized, which allows Vila Viniteca to know in real time the status of deliveries and the performance of operations, including information on CO2 emissions, for example.

Current status

The current status is operational. In addition, adding the signature and digital delivery note is being evaluated.

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