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Improve people’s health.


Facilitate a digital, objective, standardized, self-calculated and real-time solution (API) that allows recognition of cooked food, drinks and fresh food, providing nutritional information to the end user and the nutrition professional in order to obtain real information from intakes. Another goal is to recognize food on a tray in order to be able to apply a price and complete a self-checkout process.

Technology Solution

AI, Computer Vision and Deep learning for recognition of meals, drinks and fresh food, using a photo of food, and providing: food group, food name, food ingredients, 32 micro and macro nutritional indicators, estimated quantity of food, all in an objective, standardized way (they use the same nutritional databases as the world’s leading professional nutritionists) self-calculated, digitized and in real time.
Click here to check the video about LogMeal.

Business Model



We are in the commercialization phase after 10 years of R&D at the university, we are a spinoff of the UB and we were established in October 2020.

Current status

In the marketing phase with health brands such as recognized hospitals in Spain, LaLiga team, ACB, Blegium UCI PRO TOUR TEAM Cycling team, and, in the field of catering for self-service restaurants (check the video), brands such as Elior UK, Serunion and Porsche at end-customer level (check the video)

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