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Werify is a new trusted service that facilitates the process of integrating Self-Sovereign Identities and Verifiable Credentials into your business applications, in line with the new EU-eIDAS2 identity model. Whatever your scenario is, such as access to a facility, an event, an onboarding process, citizen credentials, age verification, diploma validation and more, Werify is the solution.


SSI Projects

  • Consulting for process transformation with SSI.
  • Implementation of Werify and training.
  • Graphic design of verification portals

VC issuance projects:

  • Consulting for issuing use cases
  • Design of verifiable credentials Schemes

Collaboration, Deployments and Integrations:

  • POCs ( staging ), Pilots ( prod .) and use case projects.
  • Integrations with applications and portals.


  •  Onboarding and Access credentials
  • Werify Public Admin and eGov Services
  •  Werify Sports
  • Tickets and Certificates of attendance
  • Loyalty cards, etc.


Carrer Gambús, 54

Contact person

Jose Francisco Ruiz