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Visiondrone is an air services provider qualified to fly in restricted areas, CTR and ATZ airports in Catalonia.


  • Aerial works, such as photography, video of social events, advertising, cinema
  • Advertising videos for real estate companies
  • 3D photogrammetry, volume calculation, forest space analyses, DEM and calculations, digital cartography, orthophotos, water calculations
  • Reconstruction works and virtual recreation of monuments applied to historical heritage with 3D
  • Animation with video of the 3D reconstruction
  • Thermography applied to Agriculture and industry
  • Retopology, weight reduction of the 3D model
  • Automation of drone flights
  • Services for making and streaming events, conferences, festivals, concerts, etc. and hybrid and online event management
  • Training for schools


Carrer de la Creu, núm. 1, 1r 25620 Tremp (Lleida)
973 67 48 13

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