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Osmium Solutions Spain, SL.



OSMIUM is a cybersecurity company based in Spain and Italy, with the mission of safeguarding the aerospace industry’s digital transformation and enabling the secure use of digitalization, connectivity, and SW-based spacecraft and aircraft to guarantee the safety, integrity, and resilience of its customer’s missions and operations.


Space networking

  • R&D of networking technologies in constrained environments
  • Requirements and design specification of intra- and inter-spacecraft communications and operations protocols
  • SW and support tools development for satellite network’s protocols and algorithms
  • Simulation, emulation and prototyping of space networks and assessment of their performance

Cybersecurity engineering for space

  • Threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) of complex space systems
  • Security requirements specification to fulfil programme cybersecurity objectives
  • Vulnerability analysis to find security weaknesses of space vehicle or ground systems
  • Penetration testing of specific components or entire small satellite vehicle systems

Secure systems design & implementation

  • Secure boot and OTA updates for security throughout the entire lifetime of the system
  • Security measures for ground-space and space-space communication protocols
  • Fully customized and secure Linux distro for small satellites (e.g. for payload handling)
  • Hardening of real-time OS (e.g. RTEMS and FreeRTOS)

Cybersecurity engineering for aviation

  • Threat and risk assessment (TARA) of aviation systems in compliance with EUROCAE ED-202 & RTCA DO-326 series standards
  • Aircraft and systems security risk assessments
  • Identification of security controls based on risk assessments’ findings
  • Definition of methodologies, procedures, and processes to perform the cybersecurity-related activities

Contact person

Juan José Grosso