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Strategic and technological consultancy that develops AI tools for companies and institutions and Blockchain developments.


Milgrams has developed specialized AI Chatbots for companies and institutions. 1) Private AI for Business: it is a chatbot-type generative AI platform that solves the problem of company data privacy. There are many institutions that are banning the use of Chat GPT to prevent the leakage of confidential information. Milgrams has created a secure environment that allows working with multiple AI models (open source, GPT, Gemini, Claude, …) and a file management system that allows AI to be trained with the organization’s own data. 2) Belobaba: Hybrid Neobank that allows you to operate with Fiat (euros, dollars, …) and digital assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, …) by combining in a single application current accounts in different countries and wallets, traditional finances and decentralized finance, facilitating the mobility of capital quickly, safely and cheaply. It also has a Matsercard debit card.


Parc Científic i tecnològic UDG Carrer Pic de Peguera, 15, 17003 Girona, Espanya

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Miquel Roig