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M47 LABS builds and implements next generation AI solutions to improve product and processes for businesses and organisations using Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.
Our experts implement AI in real world problems to improve products and process efficiency for Finance, Insurance, Retail & Logistics, Customer Service, Call Centers, Language Service Providers, Government & Public Organisations.

We have developed our own platform M47.AI to accelerate the process of implementing AI with our ML Data Training Platform.


– AI Data Engineering: Data Generation & Labeling/Annotation, Data Quality Assurance
– Machine Learning Models: Model Development, NLP Internationalization, Bias Detection & Mitigation
– ML Operations: ML Cloud Deployment, Maintenance & Monitoring, APIs, hooks & Integrations
– AI Software Engineering: Development of Tools, Dashboards and Integrations, Cloud Architecture, QA frameworks & Data Pipelines


C/Diputació 279, 3-6, 08007, Barcelona

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633 27 25 01