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Kawaru Consulting S.L



Kawaru Consulting is a prominent firm in the digital transformation of organizations, offering diverse solutions to digitise and transform them. In the technologies that we contribute, we utilise semantic artificial intelligence and image solutions, as well as attention-to-citizen solutions through the use of Blockchain to provide legal security to processes, the creation and development of educational projects, and integration of systems for space digitisation. In terms of capabilities, Kawaru has a strong focus on working with public administration, particularly in the application of digital technologies such as IA, Yacht, Blockchain, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Overall, Kawaru Consulting’s broad range of capabilities, deep expertise in digital technologies, and global reach make them a strong partner for organizations seeking to drive innovation and transformation in their processes.



  • Helps improve decision making
  • Optimization of more complex and long-lived processes


  • Solutions oriented to citizen service, with legal certainty.
  • Defining comprehensive projects for omnichannel offices to enhance customer service.
  • Implementing solutions with traceability and legal security in customer relationship processes.


Ronda del General Mitre, 126, 08021 Barcelona

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