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isardSAT is a Catalan company that develops scientific and engineering projects with the aim of being the leading company in remote sensing in passive and active microwaves, and a preferred partner in the field of research in Earth Observation.

IsardSAT is headquartered in Barcelona and its subsidiary, isardSAT UK, is in Guildford.


isardSAT carries out scientific-technological projects in the field of Earth Observation, developing and implementing algorithms both on board and on the ground to process data from microwave instruments.

isardSAT also conducts studies and scientific applications with data obtained by instruments on board OT satellites. Application projects revolve around different hydrological applications.

Lobelia, the isardSAT services unit, uses Earth Observation data, climate projections and Artificial Intelligence to assess vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities associated with climate scenarios for each particular case and region of interest.


C/ de Marie Curie 8-14, 08042, Barcelona

Contact person

Mercè Natividad
+34 933 505 508