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EARTHPULSE facilitates the use of satellite data to improve decision-making when faced with climate events.

Satellite data has global coverage, is a consistent and reliable source of data, but it is usually considered complex and expensive. EARTHPULSE technology, based on artificial intelligence, makes it possible to unlock this value by transforming this data into useful information for risk managers.


EARTHPULSE’s vision is to make satellite data analytics accessible, easy, and useful to everyone:

  • Locally and nationally
  • For experts and non-experts, from development agencies to critical infrastructure or insurance managers

EARTHPULSE believes that risk management when faced with adverse weather events, such as floods, has become more complex due to a higher frequency and severity of these phenomena, which makes new tools important for more complete management and better adaptation to these changes


C/ Sant Joan de la Salle 42, 08022, Barcelona

Contact person

Laura Moreno
+34 935 39 00 84