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E-STRATOS Geosystems is a company that emerged from a shared project of the technology start-ups MDRONE, AgroMapping and AKIS International and with the support of the European Space Agency through the EOEI programme.


The main product is the E-STRATOS platform, a data integration, analysis, visualisation and interconnection software designed and programmed entirely by the company.

Today, most applications have been worked on in the fields of agriculture and the environment. Routinely integrated data types include satellite data from various constellations, drones, public and private repositories and services, and field sensors. Within the latter group, integrations have been carried out for different brands and device manufacturers.

The E-STRATOS platform is conceived as an open and flexible system capable of acting bidirectionally, so that the possibilities of integration with third-party tools are maximum at any stage (acquisition, analysis or export), both for display in the same platform and in others.


Llull 47, 4t 5a, Barcelona

Contact person

Víctor Falguera