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Certifydoc notarize and certify your Blockchain data, pictures, videos, audio, email, and all types of documents, to achieve legal relevance.


With Certifydoc’s Blockchain Legalization Engine, you can notarize your data according to the EU eIDAS regulation. This means that even though the data is already on the blockchain, it will have legal validity.

In addition, Certifydoc allows you to notarize your data on the blockchain for traceability and immutability. Certifydoc’s notarized evidence has already been accepted in court, and you can use it for a variety of purposes, such as NFTs, the metaverse, Web3, copyright of digital assets on the blockchain, T&L, supply chain origin, and cryptogames.

It’s important to note that many people are not aware that blockchain data typically has no jurisdiction and little legal relevance. Certifydoc is a SaaS service that provides strong legal relevance to your digital assets. Whether you’re a human user or using the API, Certifydoc provides jurisdictional validity, “True Date” verification, and data integrity.


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